Patient Education

The use and history of home infusion

In some cases, whether because of the individual needs of the patient or the nature of the medication itself, oral administration of a drug is not the best or most effective means of treatment.  In such instances, infusion treatments, which administer medication intravenously, offer a safe and suitable means of therapy.

Less than forty years ago, such treatments used to require frequent trips to the hospital or clinic.  But in the early 1980’s, new developments in medical technologies led to an innovative alternative to in-patient administration of injectable and infusible medications and treatments.  These advances offered patients who required on-going or frequent treatments an improved quality of life, by allowing them to receive their therapies in the comfort of their own homes or in comfortable infusion suites.  Patients who chose these options were found to have improved emotional and mental well-being and reduced risk of complications.  In addition, these alternatives empowered patients by putting their care back in their own hands.


IV Med Services (IVMS) believes in offering treatments that fit your lifestyle.  We offer both home infusion services and treatment in our infusion suite, as well as home nursing and pharmacy services.  These expanded services allow us to better provide coordinated, collaborative care through a dedicated team of professionals who can meet all of your out-patient healthcare needs.

Whether you prefer to visit our infusion suite or to receive treatment in the comfort of your own home, IVMS holds itself to the highest standards in providing you with professional, compassionate care that suits your individual needs.

Educating our patients, training caregivers

IV Med Services (IVMS) offers its patients individualized information and resources, specific to their needs.  Use the links below to learn more about how we can help you and your caregivers understand and become comfortable with our services, your medication and equipment, and the administration of your treatments.

Comprehensive Patient Education & Training - based on the patient’s individual needs.

Patient Care Management - Patient care managers assure the quality and cost-effectiveness of the patient’s care and treatment.